About Me? It’s not really about me now is it?

It’s about you. More than that, my work is about your viewers and audience  and their experience of you and what you offer. Yet, let me give you a peek of who I am. 


So Who Am I?

My name is Laurence Krambule and I am a full-time Voice Over artist and French translator who specializes in entertainment news. I have been in the field since 2008, voicing seven daily shows for the company Splash News among others, and could not think of a better suited activity which allows me to use my energy to engage the viewers.

I am not a perfectionist. I believe that perfection lies sometimes in the spur of the moment: an unexpected cracked voice in a sad text, an excited pitch in a joyful announcement, a lingering word in a sensual story… Narration should come out naturally, with raw emotions, something that can’t be faked. There lies perfection.


My Background

Providing voice over was not my first career choice. I had the opportunity to enter the field thanks to Jérôme Causse, who gave me not only a new career, but a new passion as well. 

I draw my inspiration and technique from my lifestyle: I learned playing the piano at an early age, which allowed me to translate emotions and feelings into sounds, and getting in touch with my sensitivity.

I am also an avid rock climber. I take measured risks, while aiming for the heights. Always pushing my limits and striving to get better, I never stop improving.